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Indian Government is planning for Sustainable Urban Transportation in the country

As per Pune Bus Pravasee Sangh every month more than 18000 vehicles are registered(meaning in a year more than 200,000 new vehicles). If we continue with this present scenario then our Urban Transportation scene will become Unsustainable.

By 2051, the population of India is expected to be 1.7 Billion. The number of cities with population more than 50 Million will more than double,15 cities with population in excess of 10 Million each and 85 cities with population between 1-10 million each. A recent study by India’s Ministry Of Urban Development (MOUD) indicates that daily trips in the top 87 urban centres are anticipated to more than double from 228 to 482 million in 24 years (2007–2031).

See the Magnitude of Challenge that our cities will Face in years to come. To curtail this organic growth in Urban transport and to promote Sustainable transport,Indian Government has taken some measures.

Development of National Urban Transport Policy: Equitable distribution of road space with People,rather than vehicles as Main Focus. Encourage greater use of Public Transport by creating awareness about it through programs such as Bus Day or so. Also, promoting Non Motorised way of road transportation. Reduce pollution through changes in Travel habits of people and reducing the number of Non Essential trips that people male of a regular basis.

Initiated Ambitious Capacity Building Program: Aim is to provide Professional support in order to Upgrade the existing Urban Transportation Skills and Institutional skills. Setting up Knowledge Management centers with more than 2500 per city staff trained in Urban Transportation. Development of National Codes and Ethics of Urban Transportation and development of National level Consultancy framwork and institutions. Arranging safety certifications of Guided Urban Transportation Systems.

Improve Road and Rail based Mass Transport Systems (MTS): MTS are backbone of the city Public Transport systems. Nearly 100km of MTS is operating in Delhi with 250 km of Metro under construction in 5 Major cities.


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